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Whether you have spent your life developing resources for yourself or are just starting out, you need to ensure your legacy and future is secure. Trust services from Farmers Savings Bank & Trust make certain your wishes are carried out according to your plan during your life and after.

Farmers Savings Bank & Trust offers the following trust services:

  • Estates- administration and distribution of your assets according to the terms of your will.
  • Trusts- administration and investment of assets to provide for a surviving spouse, children or grandchildren according to the directives of the governing document.
  • Agency Account- appointment of fiduciary as agent for custodial or investment management needs, with or without investment advisory services.
  • Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account- investment of retirement assets on one's behalf and direction.
  • Farm Management- management of farmland as agent or fiduciary personal representative, trustee, conservator or power-of-attorney for results consistent with beneficiary needs.
  • Conservatorship- fiduciary administration, with court reporting, of wealth for a minor child or individual not competent to do so.
  • Power-of-Attorney- fiduciary administration, with court reporting, for an individual who transfers wealth management to FSB&T to do so on his or her behalf.

Ensuring your legacy and future are secure for yourself and your loved ones is a critical part of your financial life and plans. For help in establishing a fiduciary relationship with Farmers Savings Bank & Trust, contact Rick Krug at 319-478-2148, or email him at, or Jessica Helms at 319-472-2373, or email her at