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Linked to your checking account, the SHAZAMChek® debit card from Farmers Savings Bank & Trust is like having your checking account with you wherever you go. Not only can you withdraw money from ATMs, but you can also make purchases in-store and online. The SHAZAMChek® debit card is faster than writing a check, comes with MasterCard Secure Code and Privileged Status at ATMs, and is accepted anywhere MasterCards are. 

MasterCard Secure Code

This extra layer of protection helps protect your Farmers Savings Bank & Trust SHAZAMChek® debit card from unauthorized use online. You create a private code (similar to a PIN) for your card so that whenever you use it online a window pops up asking for the code. No code means that even if someone steals your card number they will not be able to make fraudulent purchases.


Privileged Status ATMs

Farmers Savings Bank & Trust is part of the Privileged Status network of financial institutions. This means you can use your SHAZAMChek® debit card at any other Privileged Status members ATMs without incurring a surcharge. To find the Privileged Status ATM nearest you, use the ATM Locator.

To get your SHAZAMCheck® debit card come by either Farmers Savings Bank & Trust location today.